Be Careful IF You Are Using BTC/ETH As Payment Method


Maybe it’s an old virus but I have to tell you guys ” for who don’t know ” 

I was going to lose 300$ in just 30 Sec

First IF YOU USE Discord

Please Please. Enable Discord Scan Any Message You Have


I Don’t use any cracked tools, and I Never Download Any Tool on my PC!

Always USE RDP

Only thing I’m using daily is ” DISCORD ” 

So, today while I going to send my addy to someone. when I copy my address

Like i send him my address : 1PQLdX74ssqwsctaCEJrJaLgD7pfg16hWs

It’s Auto Replace To This Address : 

12DoiiNaAPyM4odxD1pJ2ge7ZuAxz262C6 ( SCAMMER ADDRESS ) 

Same Thing With ETH It’s Replace to : 


I was going to lose my money 1000%, but for the first time I’m lucky. I notice that last 2 letters ” WS ” not same in my address

SO I’m still don’t know how I get this virus. but I’m sure it’s through discord, and I still don’t know how it happens

SO in anytime you send payment, with any Crypto look at the address, make sure it’s same


IF you get this virus. Reinstall Your OS,. make format for all your HARD 

and put download the Os on the USB or DVD ” With another PC ” 

Be Careful.