Binance Coin (BNB): Next Google on the Rise


Shhh…Can you hear the screams?

It’s people panic-selling crypto at bargain prices.

They are scared, frustrated, and hopeless.

Pure bloodbath has been sparked on the streets of crypto. The market sentiment is similar to what happened in December 2017, but this time it’s reversed.

A year ago, people were betting if Bitcoin would hit $50k or $100k in 2019. Now they are just talking about how low it might go.

Top secret discord groups turned into ghost towns. Telegram chats became quiet. Conference rooms became empty. Some are ready to ride this to zero.

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A while ago, very few people sold their cryptocurrency. Today, only a few click the buy button.

The cryptocurrency market will soon find its midpoint and the people who buy during market despair will be rewarded just like the people who sold in times of euphoria.

As the purge continues, it helps to distinguish fakes and scams from real crypto companies aiming to dominate the industry.

Today we would like to present to you a very special project that has significantly outperformed other cryptocurrencies during this bear market.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB token is tied to the Binance Exchange, which is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume.

Binance is the house.

And the house always wins.

Be it a bull or bear market, the exchange always profits from trading fees. At the moment, there is not a more lucrative business in this space than Binance.

The Binance Exchange is Just the Beginning

@CZ’s goal of acquiring 1/7 of the global population as users sound like madness to many.

How can he expect over 1 billion people to trade on Binance?

We believe he doesn’t see as many people trading on Binance in the future as it is today either.

By 2040, our economy will be much different. The tokenized value will flow as easy as we send text messages today. Sending shredded ownership of a hotel in Bangkok in the form of a token in exchange for a piece of Da Vinci art will be a child’s play.

That’s why @CZ launched a venture called Binance Labs Incubation Program in September 2018 with the aim of bootstrap crypto start-ups of all kinds.

Similar to what Alphabet Inc. (in other words: Google) has been doing over the last two decades – acquiring various companies for crazy amounts of money and absorbing their solutions to the mother company – Binance takes this model further by funding start-ups in-house.

Anyone in the world can send an application to Binance Labs and explain their new business idea related to cryptocurrencies. Binance offers funding in exchange for 10% of equity.

We’re pretty sure Venture Capital funds won’t like Binances’ new venture.

Now, talented people from all over the world can pitch their idea to Binance first. In the end, who will understand a crypto idea better than the successful Binance itself which was once a crypto idea as well?

People will start to perceive Binance as the mother who gathers her children, feeds them, provides shelter, and watches them grow. Once they mature, Binance will have a major influence on these companies.

More than 500 applications were sent to Binance in the first season of the Incubator program. From that number, Binance chose only eight teams they will support.

The King of the Binance Empire

It was 2014 when this man sold his house to buy Bitcoins while it was trading at $600 only to see its price fall to $200 months later.

In the next 2 years, he won’t see Bitcoin’s price go back up to $600. Yet, he did not lose his faith and continued working on the blockchain technology.

@CZ has placed a huge bet on crypto and while patiently working, it paid off.

He’s the action taker, honest thinker, and innovator we need in this space.

Investing in Binance Coin (BNB) gives everyone the opportunity to be a part of his journey and profit as his empire grows.

Unlike many Founders of crypto companies, he doesn’t hide behind his company’s brand.

@CZ is the brand and the face of Binance. He is the front line.

We could easily compare him to Elon Musk who announces almost everything himself regarding Tesla, SpaceX, or the Boring Company. The attention of Elon’s posts has made other marketing agencies jealous.

Basically, it’s like saying: “Hey, this is me, my face. I am responsible for everything that’s going on here. For every success and failure, that’s me”.

@CZ actively participates in the Twitter game. He knows that this is the new way to attract attention to his empire and build a reputation with millions of people who follow him.

It is very important to note the style of his Twitter posts. Let’s take a look at some of them:

@CZ knows his people well. In fact, he is still one of them. One of us.

The way he interacts with his audience is comparable to a casual chat in a bar with friends, strengthening the connection between them and the Binance brand like no other marketing campaign could do.

Once Binance spreads across the world with different exchanges tailored to specific regions, at some point, people might think that Binance is the crypto, just like many people believe that Google is the internet, or like many non-crypto people thought that Bitcoin was the Blockchain (or the other way around, depending on who you ask).

Once Africa accelerates in a way China did in the last 20 years, Binance will be there, established, waiting for masses to join.

Without hesitation, Binance Coin (BNB) is our safest bet in terms of crypto investing as the company profits regardless of market conditions.

With @CZ’s leadership and long-term vision, we expect Binance to dominate cryptocurrency space and become as recognised as Google is today.

Time to fill your bags, dear reader. There is a long journey ahead, but certainly, the train has not left the station yet.

Are you in?