In just days Mongols advanced to be the greatest power in the world, and in just days to China has raised an iron fist over the globe that spares no country, no politician, in an astonishing coup that amounts to a modern invasion.

The great surveillance apparatus of China still can not tell us what happened in Wuhan. Who was patient zero, with people saying this began in December, some in November, now even October?

Yet the evidence of deep infiltration in the top echelons of the medical profession is leading to a very simple question, is China now expansionist, the new Mongols?

“Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab on July 5 2019,” Canadian media reported at the time.

The unusual expulsion, of not just Qiu but also her students, connects to China’s only level-4 lab in Wuhan, a lab so close to what is stated to be the outbreak of coronavirus.

That leads one to wonder whether authoritarian China, which is so protective of almost any position and certainly top echelon positions, did exploit the openness and the welcoming it receives and has received since it was raised from starvation in the 70s.

A question that would have not been raised had they not silenced the initial doctors, or had they not closed a lab that was researching this, or indeed if they had not hidden the treatment for this new virus.

Something they continue to hide, to the point the World Health Organization accused them of not sharing data.

Why would they refrain from doing so if they did not wish us to suffer and so badly, and why do they continue to not openly provide the world with the knowledge of how to treat this?

Except to Italy where a call was held between medical experts from China and Italy on how to treat this. Suddenly now, death rates are plunging there, with logic to suggest Italy will soon open, and they will hail the lockdown as a great success when obviously it was this treatment.

Yet often, whether a leaf falls or not depends on whether you even know there is a leaf. If all you see is the lockdown and not the treatment, as in if you only see the air moving and judge it as wind, then it is far too easy for the click farm army of China to seduce all into thinking it was the lockdown that did it, not the treatment that they continue to hide.

Firewalling Liberty

We all read the reports from Iran that back in January suggested they killed 80 US soldiers. They did not. But nonetheless, we all expect reports from China to be truthful, or even our own media, which even if it wanted to report has now been kicked out in further evidence of China hiding something.

Wuhan was locked down, we were told, with propaganda videos of people singing from their balcony. There were even ‘leaks’ by ‘dissenters’ showing bodies on the floor, something Chinese authorities called fearmongering.

Something that was probably true, and intended fearmongering and organized by the Chinese authorities, but the aim was to fearmonger the west, not its own people that had to just take this for a bit so as to be a fake example in the persuasion battle to tear up our way of life with their sacrifice just 10% of the population, while ours stands at 100%.

Many of us watched a few minutes of the Livestream of the hospital built in ten days. Alas, that Livestream barely lasted for two hours, with no one actually seeing this hospital being built in real-time throughout.

As if by a click, r/world news turned into coronavirusnews. While r/coronavirus turned into r/apocalypse. Both under extreme censorship which you would think can only come from China.

Reddit is partially owned by Tencent, the Chinese mega-giant, with censorship utterly pervasive in this ‘public’ forum. Its design fully authoritarian, and thus a great modern weapon to attack and imprison weak minds, many of whom then become useful fools due to being terrorized by an alarmist and directed single-color perspective.

Twitter needs not to be infiltrated at the head. Any Chinese national welcomed by our open society can be tapped by the not at all tolerant China, or even threatened, or far more subtly sugared, especially if they happen to be in the secretive ‘curation’ department of trends.

We all use twitter. That right hand of trends that seemingly never goes off the screen is seen by all of us. Try removing a trend from there as it is shown to you. You can’t without classifying it as something like spam, in which case you are shown other identical trends on the topic, for 30 or 40 times, and then you get kicked off if you keep denying Twitter the right to basically throw metaphorical ‘information’ bullets at your head.

And they are bullets, not physical, but words can kill far more than any real bullet. Something China knows very well, and thus uses its massive apparatus to censor all, to firewall itself from the world save for as it pleases, and now through Tencent and others to institute the same sort of censorship apparatus on our own public spaces in a grand subversion of the west, and to institute controlling powers on our corporate boards through open-stock purchased votes. Including even on Google and Youtube.

Indeed the subversion by Chinese authorities has been so total, to the point they corrupted the son of Joe Biden, the potential president, an explosive point that through divide and conquer was hidden to the public by the partisan show-theatre of impeachment.

And they almost succeeded, totally, had they not slipped up with this corona like any and all criminals do in growing more and more arrogance as they get away with it more and more, to the point they get caught, as China certainly has for any thinking brain.

The Iron Fist Cheered by Lefties

There is currently a no bigger supporter of Boris Johnson than his arch-enemy, Jeremy Corbyn, or his even bigger enemy, the Guardian.

To the astonishment of any mind, politician and politician from labor, as well as commentator and commentator, sing this chorus on our TV: ‘I absolutely agree with Boris.’

In bizarre surrealism (surrealism, of course, is the great lie and tool of communism) to anyone that can hold logic above emotions, our great British government is thinking of departing fully with this pretense of two parties, to merge with utterly defeated labor in what technically, of course, would be authoritarianism, leaving his constituents without representation in what is obviously a coup.

When we claimed Boris is dum, no one heard as the media chorus was keen to say he is so smart, but we made such a claim based on his move to suspend parliament, a move which of course can be nothing but dumb.

While he beats his fists on the table, Newsnight tells us he is a libertarian. So quick they fall, and so quick some rise.

“Joe Biden, The Bitcoin Candidate?” – we asked after much frustration with Trump, appreciating not at the time why he was being basically chained. Locked in impeachment after impeachment, attack after attack, unable to even breath metaphorically speaking, with it all by his own government as we are now seeing with his ‘health advisors,’ although now you’d think he knows what’s up and so hopefully has his own team looking at things, including evidence and treatments and policy and all the rest instead of relying on this corrupted and infiltrated bureaucrats.

For though we may have liked Biden even a few days ago, we now ask: how can there be an America, or indeed a free world, without a Trump landslide?

Boris, for who so many campaigned so much, has thrown Great Britain under authoritarianism to the full disgrace of this land that has for 1,000 years remained independent.

But he is dum, probably terrorized by the criminally negligent projections of the Imperial College University that without a rational base, and seemingly without any effort to see why Asia suddenly was able to manage this, gives our literature graduate Prime Minister the ‘science’ of authoritarianism or dead.

They are to start trials, as martial law is imposed on London, with these ‘scientists’ apparently getting the information from the same Tencented Reddit as all the commies and authoritarians that cheer on this descent to hell, this one party Britain, this country where the leader of the opposition cheers the Prime Minister for more than anyone who voted for dum Boris.

Hip Hip, Communist

The people who can only speak when they vote will surely show their anger. Di Maio, who we hold so high in the belief he wishes to improve Bella Italia, will surely fall.

And though we have no taste for Salvini, we’ll take some of his venom above this rape by those we raised from starvation.

Emperor Macron now so low has fallen. A bureaucrat one would say to the shame of this political system.

But then we notice Merkel was effectively imprisoned after daring to go for shopping, and we wonder who are her imprisoners? Has there been such great high treason in our lands that kings and princes are now being ordered around?

We’ve all seen the evidence. 99.2% of these deaths are of people with serious illnesses, including cancer.

Yet, the decision-makers are apparently so emotional that they have allowed themselves to be terrorized by surreal projections from people they wonder not whether they should trust due to what may well be an easy exploit of truth from perceived authority.

A coup, without soldiers, but a coup nonetheless. A modern coup, not with bullets, but with the real bullets: perception of truth, which of course can easily be manipulated if one bothers not to analyze dictations.

Oh how you’ve fallen Europe. Not one among you stood. NOT ONE. OK Merkle maybe a bit, but, in disgrace, your names stand.

And so who is to think there won’t be a fourth Reich, as those with mind and brain look at this hell, and so give Trump the blankest of blank checks.

He has been hit personally, and thus more evidence for the title question. He is in the hotel business, and of course little has been hit more than hotels.

Dangerous what follows to say, but dangerous and existentially so what is happening too. That is to say, Trump has all executive powers to use any and all force with no one able to stand to him except the army and if the army has been infiltrated, then god help us all.

Trump can by the stroke of pen raid Reddit offices, raid Google, raid Twitter. He can round up outright traitors or suspected traitors, within the medical profession or outside of it, and he would do so at the cheering of the masses as the Commander in Chief, presuming he does within reason and with what logic would say is acceptable evidence.

So sing you hyaenas that have gathered around lions, sing upon the bodies of the dead that you cremate and yet show as coffins to the fooling of no one, but shiver too at the lion roar for liberty will not die on our watch, and certainly not at the hands of Mongolians, that make China and Russia.

You barbarians were starving before we extended our hand, and yet now you backstab to the gain of stupidity alone for the hell you’ve brought on your own, you worshipers of death.